Printing Products

Here are some of the use cases where printing products are leading over their digital counterparts. These are just a few examples of scores of other print products that can be used for the marketing and branding of a business.

Announcement Cards: From store opening to pregnancy, the birth of a baby, and wedding, announcement cards make a mundane occasion special. This allows you to express your feeling and appreciation for a special moment and let your friends and family know about it. On a formal note, announcement cards can make your store opening a thing to remember among your target audience. You can find many occasions when a tastefully designed and printed announcement card the right way to go ahead with your announcements.

Booklets: A booklet is a formal note running into a few pages. It can be about a product or a company. It epitomizes the value of written words and aims to inform with sincerity. It doesn’t try to overdo the communication. It has to be just and appropriate. Somehow, a digital booklet is unlikely to be taken as seriously as a printed booklet can.

Bookmarks: Indeed, physical books are no longer as popular as they were earlier. But contrary to the popular notion, there are still a great number of books published every year. They are read as well. Printed bookmarks have become smarter and more beautiful, with meaningful messages written over them. As a means of promoting a product or service, bookmarks can stay with someone for a long. No other marketing material can give such an enduring presence at such low costs as a bookmark.

Business Cards: This small piece of thick paper carrying your name and address has come a long way since its humble beginning. In today’s time of advanced printing technology and endless options of paper, business cards reflect the personality of the bearer or the company or both. You can’t take it lightly. Like other printed products, business cards have a longer life span. On a small budget, they do a good deal of marketing on your behalf. You should skimp on your business card.

Calendars: They do serve an important purpose and they have not become obsolete. They are still found on the business desks in most offices. They also adorn the walls of boardrooms as well as common folks who could be your customers. Most of the design is completed on the computer with the help of different software, but calendars need to be printed. This printed product stays for a full year occupying an important place in an office or home. This can be an important marketing and advertising tool. Beautifully designed and printed calendars are still much sought after.

Catalogs: These are some of the basic marketing materials for many businesses but more so for product marketing. A physical catalog stays with the customer long after the sale is closed. After serving the current need to tell a prospective customer about the products and services on offer, they also act as a reference for future sales.